What is not covered
Your policy will not pay for claims which are:
▪ Not covered as an Insured Loss under Your policy;
▪ For items You don’t own or aren’t legally responsible for;
▪ Legally second owner for the item.
▪ For incidents which happen before Your policy started or after it has ended;
▪ Accidental Losses;
▪ Theft;
▪ Your policy will not cover loss, damage, liability, costs or expenses for claims in the following circumstances:
▪ Caused by sonic bangs;
▪ Relating to Pollutants including asbestos, unless We explicitly state otherwise;
▪ War, invasion or warlike operations, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or military power;
▪ Act of Terrorism or Nuclear Hazards;
▪ Damage caused deliberately or recklessly by You, Your guests or anyone;
▪ Damage caused gradually by wear and tear; or failure to fix a known issue;
▪ Pure Cosmetic Damage;
▪ Alleged criminal activity where You don’t have a crime reference number (e.g. if You make a claim for a stolen Handbag this would have to be reported to the police first);
▪ Damage caused by infestation (other than Vermin), corrosion, damp, wet or dry rot or mould;
▪ Damage due to faulty design or workmanship;

What is covered in full premium
▪ Full comprehensive level of cover and is designed to protect;
▪ All wears and tears on the leather;
▪ All handbag hardware replacements;
▪ Only one claim per item as an Insured;
▪ Your Handbag will be covered by our policy anywhere in the world. You can travel abroad as often as you like providing no one trip is in excess of 30 days;

What is covered in standard
▪ All major wears and tears on the item that are repairable;
▪  Only one claim per item as an item insured;

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us.