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S - Class Mini Shoulder Bag

 It's the world's most expensive brand ever that represents the extreme super rich royals.

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£2.5 Million

Super royals status satisfying brand.

S - Class Mini Shoulder Bag

S stands for 'superior'

A great deal of thought and process went into designing our mini shoulder bag. This black base mini bag possesses the power to take over the world. With it's soft yet luxurious leather base, the bag offers a striking design that is hard to resist. A playful feature of hardware and chains, that comes together to case a powerful spell.


The perfect choice when walking out the door with your head high, and spirits reaching for the sky. Why hold back when you can take charge and push through. This is what our mini shoulder bag is all about, pushing barriers while staying within a certain design frame. So you can enjoy a royal shoulder bag that comes with a modern twist.


* By purchasing our luxurious bag you put a part of the money directly in Extinction Survivor Aid Organization, set out to save the world. So you can look stunning while playing your part in saving the world.

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